Intensifying Your Mushroom Trip

Intensifying Your Mushroom Trip
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Okay, so we have walked through the history of shrooms and Golden Teacher Mushrooms. You will likely never have a bad trip, especially if you use our Canada Mushroom products. We are going to walk you through how to get the most out of your shrooms and enjoy them as best as you can! Canada Mushrooms has outlined these tips for your convenience.

Be in a safe place

Using shrooms, especially if it is your first time, can make the world around you feel like it is spinning. Always be in a place that you know. If you are in an unfamiliar place, you will soon feel lost and disoriented. You could hurt yourself if you fall down a lot, or other people will notice your behavior. Always be in a safe place.

Experiment, experiment, experiment

Having a lot of Golden Teacher Mushrooms may be your first instinct, but you need to play with the dosage and figure out what your body can handle. Thankfully, there is very little risk in overdosing on shrooms – you will be more likely to throw up than to die. However, taking too high of a dose will result in you having hallucinations, and perhaps feeling scared and unsure. We have multiple different types of mushrooms so you can be sure of which product you want for the best result! Start off small and then go higher when you realize what you can handle.

Dress well

Dress for the weather, and dress comfortably. If you are going to a concert or some type of event, make sure you are prepared for whatever the forecast is.

overdosing on shroomsWhy are you doing this?

Make sure you ask yourself this, as it will set the tone for the entire trip. Journal your thoughts and make your intentions clear. We promise, you will get so much more out of it this way!

Acidic foods are the best

Lemons, limes, and citrus in general are great for lengthening and intensifying your shroom trip. Be aware that they could also end it sooner, though. It will vary from person to person. Chocolates are also great with our shrooms!

Have food and water for later on

Eating and opening food can be difficult when you’re on a trip, or immediately after. Make this as relaxing as possible by having all of your supplies ready to go. Shrooms may make you feel less hungry or nauseous, so be prepared for that. Try to eat foods that are high in nutrition and low in sodium, as they will make your trip better and make you feel less nauseous.

Be mindful and conscious

Use your trips as a spiritual awakening. Shrooms are not just drugs, but mechanisms in which to understand yourself better. Speak to these spirits, and you will soon find that your trips are more meaningful. Whenever you need guidance, shrooms are perfect.


Whether you need a good place to order magic mushrooms safely or you simply want to get quality medical psilocybin to enhance your creativity and productivity, Canada Mushrooms stocks only the best products for your satisfaction. So order away and enjoy the psychedelic psilocybin journey. Canada Mushrooms offers 10% off for their customers using promo code CANADA10 and they are giving free edibles with their orders. Remember, Canada Mushrooms is always here to answer every question you have and make your trips be the best they can.

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