Weed Wax: How To Smoke It

Weed Wax How To Smoke It
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Smoking cannabis wax might seem confusing or complex to anyone that has never tried it before, but it is a very exciting and enjoyable way of consuming cannabis. Although most people do not know how to smoke wax using a weed pipe, you can learn easily. This article will tell you everything you need to know about cannabis wax, which includes how to smoke weed wax using a pipe and why it is so enjoyable.

What Is Weed Wax?

If you are a beginner in the world of marijuana, then you probably don’t even know what weed wax is. It goes several different names including cannabis wax, marijuana wax, and others. All these products are concentrates or extracts that have high CBD or THC content. So, your average dose of wax is stronger than the regular dose of cannabis flower. 

Before you can know how to use a weed wax pipe, you must know what it looks like. The name wax is derived from its thick, semi-solid appearance. This wax usually looks like coconut oil or thick honey, and it is intermediate between solid and liquid. This texture allows it to be easier to handle, measure, and produce than other concentrates like budder and shatter. Wax is an excellent choice for amateur weed smokers who want to move on to a more intense product.

These are some of the commonest and most effective ways to smoke wax. You don’t need to know how to smoke weed wax with a pipe if you don’t want to, because there are several other methods you can try.

1. Smoke with a bong: If you do not have a dab rig and you want to smoke, then you can use a bong. The bong is similar to the dab rig with a primary difference of the dab rig having a tiny nail and a bong not having one. If you want to use a bong, you can simply add the wax to the bowl by using some flowers. Bongs are very convenient to use, so this method is widely popular. If you do not know how to smoke out of a pipe, the bong is a much easier alternative. However, many people believe that bongs are wasteful. If you are not constantly hitting your bong, then a lot of the amazing smoke will vanish into thin air. It can also be of great use to use both flower and wax. Whether or not you know how to use a weed pipe, you can still explore and experiment with the bong. 

2. Rolling a joint: Another great choice is rolling a joint. If you’re already quite knowledgeable about joints and you know how to use them, then adding some wax should be quite easy. When you add wax to the joint, you can wrap the wax around the external bit of the joint as opposed to putting it inside. A lot of people do this by pushing the wax into a long cylinder, then turning it around on the exterior of the joint. You don’t need to cover the whole joint in wax because this will be a waste of cannabis and it will affect your experience. Also, be cautious of any wax that’s dripping while you smoke. Apart from that, you should expect a very enjoyable high when you add wax to your joints.

3. Vape: Enjoying your weed wax through vaping is another excellent alternative to using a glass pipe. Many people love to vape and weed wax makes it a much more fun experience. As long as you get a vape model that is designed to fit wax, then you’re good to go. The wax needs to reach a particular temperature before you can truly enjoy smoking it. This is something that you do not need to think about when smoking a pipe, but you should consider it when vaping the weed wax. Another thing you should consider is that some vapes have adjustable temperature settings, so you can vape on a range of products. However, it could take some time to get a grip on all your vaporizer’s settings. Just ensure that you do thorough research to prevent any problems.

How NOT To Smoke Weed Wax

There are many different ways that you can smoke weed wax including the methods we listed above. However, there are also several ways that you should not try. Do not use a stove, a car cigarette lighter, or aluminum foil to smoke weed wax. If those are the only methods available at a time, then you should just wait till you find a better and safer way.


If you learn how to smoke using a glass pipe or through any other methods, the main thing is for you to be careful with how you consume cannabis. Knowing how to smoke using a bong or pipe is a great skill, but you should gradually learn how to use the product to see how your body reacts to it. If you don’t feel the effects immediately, then you can try more later but don’t try to take too much.

It is also important that you buy cannabis wax from only reputable and legitimate sources like Canada Shrooms. So you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality products at great prices. 

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