How Long Does a Magic Mushroom trip last?

Magic mushrooms trip last


In preparing up for your shroom trip, you must be well informed about how long it will take for the effects of psilocybin to last in your body. Part of what shrooms do is to reprogram your temporal system which alters your sense of time. It warps your sensitivity to time and there is a high probability that you will be oblivious while it lasts. There are many factors that will determine the length of your mushroom trip. The most important factors are the dosage and the strain of the shrooms. When you attempt to buy shrooms in Canada, the vendor will put these into consideration when attending to you. Your mushroom trip lasts for at least three to eight hours depending on the type, methods of use, potency, and dosage.

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Things to consider before next magic mushroom trip:

Type of Magic MushroomThe Type of Magic Mushroom

There are hundreds of shrooms in the genus psilocybe. Outside this genus, there is also numerous type of shrooms. It’s important that you choose the best type of shrooms for your trip. The more reason you should buy magic mushrooms online from trusted vendors and refuse the urge to find the shrooms yourself. However, the potency of the mushrooms depends on the type maybe it a dried or fresh mushroom. The process of drying maybe by direct sunlight or the use of dehydrators. The fresh shrooms exert more effects on individuals than the dried shrooms.

The Dosage

If it is your first time choosing the type of shrooms, it is recommended that you opt for a low dose. As you get used to it, you can gradually increase the amount that you take. The impact and length of the effects of the magic mushroom depend on the quantity of mushrooms you’ve eaten. How long it will take psilocybin to react in your body also depends on the amount of mushrooms you consume. It is also advisable that you take some health precautions. Hence, micro-dosing is advised.


The longevity of your mushroom trip may vary and you should consider using it on a day off work or any productive activities if you are taking a higher dose or trying out a new strain of magic mushrooms. If you intend to combine work with your shroom trip, adopt micro-dosing, and enjoy the benefits while you undergo other activities. You can buy shrooms in Canada at Canada mushrooms. The online shroom store has different categories of shroom products for you to enjoy such as shroom edibles, microdoses, shroom teas, etc. These offer you multiple ways to enjoy your psychedelic journey. You can buy magic mushrooms online in any category at Canada mushrooms.

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