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Cannabis Edibles: Everything You Need to Know

Have you heard about different ways of using cannabis? If yes, you have most likely come across a little something called ‘edibles’. Cannabis edibles are especially rampant in Canada, with most weed stores selling a variety of them. But what are edibles exactly? After all, before you try them, you should know their effects, potency, and taste. Are we right or are we right?

To help you understand why Martha might feel differently after that specific brownie, we've explained everything there is to marijuana edibles in this article. You'll learn what they are, how to prepare and use them, their benefits, and the precautions you need to take when using them.

So, are you ready to get high on information? Because we certainly are! Cannabis Edibles: An Introduction

It seems exciting that eating or drinking something – seemingly ordinary – can land you into the land of uber-relaxation and euphoria, right? Well, that's what you get when you try edibles. They are general food or beverage items that are infused with marijuana. Therefore, you consume them like anything ordinary, but the effects are anything but ordinary.

The effects of consuming cannabis edibles are generally much more potent than smoking or vaping weed. Their effects even last longer and are stronger.

For the longest time, 'hash brownies' or 'pot brownies' were the most popular form of edibles weed. However, edibles such as cannabis cookies, THC chocolates, or even weed-infused pasta meals have gained prevalence in recent years.

Simply put, as long as the dish uses butter or batter, weed can be infused into it!

Where Did Weed Edibles Come From?

Believe it or not, weed and weed edibles have been around for a long time. Even centuries ago, they were an essential part of some cultures and civilizations. To begin with, Lord Shiva is prominently worshipped in India by mixing spices and cannabis leaves into milk and consuming it. Even smoking cannabis is a common practice while worshipping Lord Shiva.

This cannabis milk recipe – also referred to as bhang – is the oldest edible marijuana recipe known to humans and it is still widely consumed. However, since cannabis has been around for a long time, this might not be the first-ever cannabis recipe to have been tried by humans.

In recent years, people have started infusing cannabis into either oil or butter. Therefore, they can infuse cannabis into just about any recipe at any point in time by merely adding these special fats.

Cannabis-infused butter is called cannabutter, and oil is called cannabis. Imagine feeling relaxed and euphoric only by eating your dinner!

How to Know if a Product Is an Edible or Not

Since cannabis is only infused into ingredients of any recipe, adding them does not make any physical change in what the food looks like. In most cases, even a smell test will not be enough to differentiate between regular food and marijuana-infused food.

Therefore, you need to label cannabis edibles.

The only way to know if something is edible or not is by tasting it. This is mainly because the terpenes present in cannabis make a significant impact on the flavor profile. While the sweet taste of chocolate will never be compromised, you will be able to pick on the light earthy notes throughout your meal.

How Cannabis Edibles Are Different From Smoking Weed

Most people prefer edibles over smoking joints, pipes, or bongs because they want them lighter on their lungs. However, that is not the only reason why edibles exist.

Marijuana, by virtue, reacts very differently when inhaled and when digested. Why? Because the THC breaks down in different manners in the body in both the processes. Therefore, while inhaling or smoking might provide a physical or cerebral high, digesting cannabis offers a full-body high that cannot be achieved otherwise.

Moreover, when you inhale cannabis, it will have a direct and instant impact on your body. However, digesting cannabis is a slow process, and you will only begin to feel high when the liver is done breaking down a lot of the THC and fatty elements it might have been infused with.

Cannabis is oil-soluble but not water-soluble. Therefore, it takes its time to digest and has precise ways of being infused into the food.

Another vital thing to note is that inhaled cannabis high goes as quickly as it comes and only stays for an hour or two. On the other hand, edibles remain for as long as they take to interact with the body. Therefore, once you've had an edible, you can rest assured that you're in for several hours of euphoria and relaxation. The prolonged hours are why cannabis edibles are not ideal for first-time weed users.

How to Prepare Cannabis Edibles

Edible weed is so widespread that almost every person has a different preference. Therefore, even if you can go to your nearest cannabis store in Canada, you will truly enjoy it the most if you prepare some by yourself.

The most popular way of preparing edibles is by producing cannabutter. To do this, all you have to do is heat butter and cannabis together to get the marijuana to get infused into the fatty medium.

An important thing about producing cannabutter is that you will have to decarboxylate the cannabis and heat it into the butter. The heat is necessary because it is only through heat that the non-psychoactive compounds in cannabis turn into compounds such as THC.

Canna-oil, on the other hand, is as simply produced as almond oil or coconut oil. You can use canna-oil for cooking just about anything, especially if you follow specific dietary restrictions.

However, if you want to take your edibles game one step further, you might want to explore the world of cannabis concentrates. These concentrates are twice as powerful as regular cannabis buds or flowers. Moreover, if you incorporate them into your edibles, you're in for a wild ride!

How to Store Cannabis Edibles

An enticing thing about cannabutter is that you can make a huge batch once and be done by storing it for a while. However, like any other consumable, neither cannabutter nor edibles will sit well in your refrigerator for too long.

While cannabis itself does not have an expiry date, the marijuana might change the structure and smell over time, causing issues. After all, the more marijuana interacts with its environment, the more it will change over time.

Therefore, if you do not consume your edible right after production, always store it in an airtight, dark, and moisture-free area. You can even wrap an edible in wax paper or aluminum foil to maintain its freshness.

You must avoid wrapping your edible in plastic at all costs since the cannabis will turn sour while reacting with the plastic.

Now that you know how to keep your edible safe, let us mention the most important thing about storing an edible; never leave it unlabeled.

Getting high without being prepared or warned about it can lead to a problematic and uncomfortable situation. Therefore, always label your edibles to avoid such an accidental situation.

How Do You Consume Edibles?

The world of edibles is vast and full of promises. While pot brownies were the only way to go only a couple of years back, you can make an edible out of just about anything.

Pot Brownies and Cookies

You can add canna-oil or cannabutter in just about any batter to heighten any recipe.

For example, to make pot brownies, all you need to do is replace your regular butter with cannabis-infused butter. Do you want to know why pot brownies are so famous in the first place? Because the solid chocolate flavors of the brownies are ideal for masking cannabis flavor.

Similarly, you can add cannabutter to your favorite chocolate chip cookies and get the most of your sweet tooth.

Marijuana Spaghetti

This is where things start to get a little crazy. If you know that you can make complete dishes infused with cannabis? Not only does the weed add a twist of fun to the disk, but also some exciting flavors.

Some strains of marijuana have a sweet or peppery taste to them. Therefore, infusing them into your spaghetti recipe through canna-oil makes your meal finer and adds interesting flavors.

Cannabis Coffee

We've all heard of how a morning cup of coffee is an excellent way of waking you up. However, have you heard of it making you euphoric? Well, that might as well be the case if you use THC or CBD oil perfectly into your morning cup of coffee.

If you use THC in your coffee, you will feel energetic and euphoric the entire day. With caffeine, nothing will ever wake you up better than an effective cup of cannabis coffee.

THC Gummies

Are you tired of the basics and would now prefer to try your hand at something unique? Well, we have the perfect answer for you! THC Gummies!

Not everyone can make them. If you go to a cannabis dispensary, you will be surprised by the flavors you can choose!

Imagine eating 10 g for something meant for kids and getting a serene cerebral high.

Cannabis Popcorn

The best thing about cannabis edibles is not that they come in just about any shape and size. As long as the recipe incorporates butter or oil, you're good to go. The most popular snack in today's time is cannabis popcorn. It is ideal for making any movie-watching experience ten times better - as long as you eat it in moderation! After all, you do not want to doze off in twenty minutes, do you?

How Do Cannabis Edibles Compare With Other Cannabis Products?

How many things can you make out of milk? Numerous! And do they all act differently in your body? Yes!

Well, that is the case with cannabis as well. Even though everything comes from the cannabis flower, its form, and consumption method impact how it interacts with your body.

Even though concentrates are made of cannabis, their potency is at least two times as high. Concentrates such as hash, shatter, and budder can have anything between 60-70% THC.

Now, let us explain how that compares to cannabutter and canna-oil. When you heat cannabis flowers to make edibles, the heat itself destroys about 20% of the already low cannabinoid levels.

Therefore, even though edibles can be twice as potent as smoking weed, concentrates are twice as potent as edibles.

What Are the Benefits of Cannabis Edibles?

The hemp plant itself has too many health benefits to ignore. The plant has been known for centuries to help users fight a plethora of health issues. Things such as clearing the digestive tract and numbing joint and body pains are easily fixed by some ganja.

However, that is not where it stops. Cannabis is known for providing some psychological benefits as well.

Cannabis flowers and edibles have a compound called CBD. It is ideal for helping with depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and muscle spasms. Using Indica dominant strains, you will get the most psychological benefits of either smoking or ingesting weed.

Cannabis edibles are twice as potent as cannabis smoke and offer at least ten times the health benefits as the latter.

Another great thing about cannabis edibles is that instead of harming your lungs with smoke, the weed enters organically into your body. The weed even breaks down in a much better manner when it has to be broken down into smaller and absorbable bits by the liver after going through the entire digestive system.

How Does the High Feel?

To know what cannabis edibles feel like, you need to understand that there are two compounds present in cannabis — THC and CBD. Whichever is present in higher concentration in your edibles significantly impacts what the high will feel like.

THC edibles will make you get a cerebral high, leading to pangs of upliftment and euphoria. THC edibles should typically be consumed in the day because they help the body get into action mode.

On the other hand, CBD edibles offer body high, making you feel couch-locked and very relaxed. You should ideally consume CBD edibles at night because they will ideally help you fall asleep in no time.

Unlike smoking, cannabis edibles will not work with your body within minutes. Instead, they will take time to go through the entire digestive tract and get digested and infused into the body.

However, once you do start feeling the effects kick in in an hour or so, you can expect your cerebral or physical high to be much stronger than you might be used to with smoking weed.

With CBD edibles, the first thing you will feel is your eyelids getting heavy and your body sinking into a couch. However, with THC edibles, you will feel a surge of energy flow into your brain with many creative ideas popping in.

The best way to enjoy your high is to let it do what it likes. You should never try to control your high, or you might end up feeling paranoid.

How Much Do Cannabis-Infused Treats Cost?

Ever since cannabis has been legalized in Canada, the industry has been booming and making newer cannabis edibles by the day. Therefore, with the excess in availability, the prices have seen a massive drop.

The quality and potency you will get at specific prices at different places will massively vary according to what the store-owner deems fit. However, with its availability in the market and online stores, you can be sure to get standardized prices.

In general, as CBD or THC gummies are more difficult to make, they are pricier than baked edibles such as brownies and cookies. However, with the higher price comes more doses, which makes up for the price range.

Depending on where you live and how potent the gummies are, you can expect a pack of weed gummies to cost anything between $15 and $30.

You can get baked edibles for something as cheap as $5 to $15. However, of course, you will not get as many doses out of a single piece of brownie.

You can get CBD edibles such as gums and mints in most dispensaries as well. The best thing about them is that they do not lead to psychoactivity and come in very regulated doses. You can typically get a pack of 20 for anything between $30 and $60.

You can easily compare prices online or just choose to buy online and see what best deal you can get. After all, why leave your house when relaxation can be just delivered at your stop with Just sit back, relax, and order!

Add Another Dimension of Happiness to Food!

Do you want to experiment and make your cannabis edibles at home? Well, you will need some quality cannabis to do that. After all, the quality of flowers you'll be singing makes a difference in what your edible will turn out to be.

Therefore, visit to get the best quality weed.

However, when it comes to the marijuana industry in Canada, the scope for experimentation and growth is immense. This is because people want to try something new. You can now satisfy both your sweet tooth and salty tongue while getting high! Chocolates, cupcakes, bread – you name it, and we at will have it!

All you need to do is conduct thorough research, understand everything there is to know about cannabis edibles, choose the one you'd like, and buy!