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Everything There Is to Know About Indica Weed

When it comes to the cannabis industry, there is a whole lot of terminology to explore. Of all these terms, the most prominent ones you’ll come across are indica, hybrid, and sativa.

If you are a regular buyer of weed in Canada, you certainly are familiar with all of these terms. But for the rest of you trying to figure out what these terms are and how they impact the weed we buy, keep reading on!

In this article, we give you insight into weed and cannabis terminologies so you don’t feel stupid at the next stoner get-together you find yourself at. So, without further ado, let's dive into the indica world and find out everything you need to know.

Introduction to Weed

Weed is often interlinked with terms like marijuana and pot but, did you know, these are all mirroring types of cannabis.

The cannabis plant has offspring that are incapable of producing any psychoactive cannabinoids. But it is a mere exception. A lot of other cannabinoids produce ecstatic highs.

Cannabis is known for its medicinal and euphoric properties, but it was only legalized in the world recently. During the 1900s, it was notorious for producing adverse effects on the human body.

However, in recent years, we have got many scientific proofs that prove how good it is for the body. The world has finally accepted the positives that this euphoric substance brings. There is a lot to learn about the community, but it sure is experiencing incredible highs.

What Is Indica Weed?

Indica weed is widely popular for its calming and soothing effects. Its terpene profile accounts for these unusual properties.

The plant has a unique taste and fragrance.

It implies that when you get asked for the indica weed, they want to know if you would like something relaxing that has sleepy effects.

Difference Between Indica and Sativa Cannabis

Both these plants look extremely different, and their leaf and bud structures also constitute the differences. When compared to each other, you can spot easy differences in stem, stature, and leaves size. The plants of sativa are relatively leaner in structure and stand high with narrower leaves. On the other hand, indica plants are short, and the leaves are wide and full.

When you smoke, you can easily tell the difference between them both. Both these plants will produce different colors and effects after consumption. Sativa has a bright lime green hue with hair of orange color.

The indica bud structure is also denser when compared to Sativa. The effects of sativa are more in the cerebral system rather than the whole body. Therefore, it should be a great choice during the day. However, with Indica, your whole body experiences the effects.

Indica Weed Physical Characteristics

As mentioned above, you can identify the difference between Indica and Sativa strain with the bud structure. Indica bud is dense but small in size with thick layers of plant material.

Even though it may seem smaller and less full when compared to Sativa or hybrids, it contains equal amounts of weed with their heavyweight. Do not let the small size fool you; the indica weed is as potent as the rest of them.

If you look closely, you will find hues of purple, even pink color in an indica bud. They are covered with Kief crystals which gives them an attractive look.

The terpenes present in these plants determine the taste and the fragrance. They are generally sour or sweet and have hints of floral, citrus, and berry notes.

Effects of Indica Weed

The terpene present in the strain determines the kind of effect these plants have on you. But indica weed produces some effects that are less likely to come with sativa strains.

Indica induces sleepiness, and it is popular for its calming and soothing effects on the body. Generally, people enjoy indica weed to end the day and are ready to hit the hay. Indica weed can be great for people who struggle with managing their stress.

Due to its relaxing properties, this type of cannabis will help you feel lighter in the whole body.

Medical Benefits of Indica Weed

There's a long list of medical benefits of Indica weed. Indica weed is known to induce relaxation in muscles and decompress the whole body.

Because of its relaxing properties, the substance helps treat joint pain or chronic muscle pain; it also helps bring the inflammation down. Indica weed is capable of treating acute and chronic pain, and it also alleviates symptoms such as appetite loss or nausea.

The heaviest strains of Indica help people struggling with anxiety. Sativa can alleviate the anxiety level for many people, but strong Indica is the polar opposite. When your body feels better, it also has a positive effect on the mind. When muscles relax, it also helps relax your thought process, reducing anxiety and stress levels.

The cannabinoids in indica work directly with the stress hormone cortisol; it further helps regulate and balances its levels. When there is a balance, you will experience stability in your thoughts.

Note that the medical effects differ among all individuals. But these are the common effects that people experience after taking this marijuana form.

Side Effects of Indica Weed

One of the most common side effects of indica is lethargy and sleepiness, which leads to lack of or even no motivation. This side effect might not be the same for everyone, but it is quite common in indica smokers.

Even if you have consumed more than your capacity of cannabis, you do not need to freak out. You may experience side effects like nausea, anxiety, drowsiness, or vomiting.

However, you can quickly get over these side effects by eating something and trying to sober up. If you have had too much to smoke, drink a lot of water, take a shower, or take a nap. Any or all of these activities can be beneficial to make you feel better. However, you will still feel sleepy for some time.

Popular Indica Weed Strains

The most popular strains of indica are:

Grandaddy Purp

The hues of this indica weed are deep purple, and it will have you grinning on your couch. This one is a more general version than the northern lights. Northern Lights

The northern lights type is known as the classic indica and is quite popular in the cannabis community. It is especially loved and lauded for its strong flavor, while the effects are even stronger. This strain is not for use by the newbies!


This strain of indica appears beautiful and gives out citrusy and sweet flavors. Even though it is a hybrid, it contains all the best characteristics of a good indica strain. If you smoke Do-Si-Dos, your body will feel relaxed and experience decompression.

How to Consume Cannabis?

If you wish to enjoy some good old cannabis, there are many different ways for you to go about doing so.

You get to decide which one you enjoy the most. The most standard way is by smoking cannabis. For that, you will need your bud, a glass piece/rolling paper, and a lighter.

When you heat your marijuana, you can enjoy the flavor and the taste completely. Smoking is considered a supporting method that gives you immediate benefits. Smoking is one of the most common methods of taking cannabis which has existed for centuries.

Another method for the consumption of cannabis is by making marijuana edibles. This method has been quite popular because it can completely suppress the taste of the plant within tasty delicacies. The teller cases are no longer confined to pot cookies and brownies.

You can consume cannabis with savory snacks, gums, breath mints, or even candies with a little mix-up. Remember that it may take a little time for the cannabis to kick in because they need to get in the digestive system to show its effects.

The consumer might have to have a little patience as it may take some time. The high produced by marijuana edibles can be hours long and is quite potent. Cannabis concentrates are the new editions in the weed industry. However, within a short period, they've proven themselves. To get the effect going, you have to heat substances like wax, live resin, budder, and shatter.

You will need dab tools, a torch lighter, and a dab rig to smoke the substances. When the concentrates are fully vaporized, they will release their properties, resulting in a potent product. Mostly, all you need is one dab.

There are a varied number of other methods for the consumption of cannabis. For example, you can consume cannabis with the help of sublingual tinctures. They will allow easy dosage.

You can also apply it topically to help in joint or muscle pain. Every method will form a different result. Therefore, if you want to find out the best method for cannabis consumption, you may have to try them all.

How to Grow Marijuana

If you wish to grow marijuana, know that you’re in for a rather difficult ride. The process will take a lot of patience and dedication from your end.

But if you’ve decided that it is something you wish to experience, then don’t let us stop you!

To grow your indoor marijuana plant, follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  • First things first, find a suitable spot where you can grow your plant. Try to use a place that is not used very often; it can be a closet or a room
  • To keep your plants healthy, you must ensure that the place does not have direct exposure to environmental changes such as temperature, light, or humidity. Ensure that the place is moderately hot and humid. You must not have an excess of any of these two
  • The next thing to do is install the lighting you wish to use and a fan so that the plant can get a constant supply of air. The most popular choice for lighting generally is HID lights or LED lights
  • The HID lights offer a more cost-efficient option and are more effective. You can choose either one of these two per your requirement and budget
  • Then what you will do is establish a light/dark cycle using a timer for the lights. The plant may need light for about 18 hours per day, after which it will start to adapt as they mature. Do not forget to research the plant's cycle on the internet and determine what type of cycle you'll establish in your plant
  • Lastly, you will have to figure out what type of growth medium or container you wish to use. When choosing the growth medium, you have to choose from the hydroponics or soil-based options based on your preference
    When you have planted your seeds, remember to water your plants regularly. You have to stay attentive and, as mentioned earlier, have a lot of patience to watch them grow to their peak.
  • How to Dry and Cure Weed

    When you are done cultivating and trimming the cannabis bud, you have to dry them to cure them. The method to dry the buds is to tie and hang them in an upside-down position in the room where it was growing.

    You will have to keep it away from any source of light for up to 5 days. Ensure that the buds are not too closely tied so that there's aeration. When you have dried them, it's time to cure them.

    Take the buds and put them in a container where the buds won't breathe, for example, an airtight container. Ensure that no air flows through the jar.

    You will have to let your weed be in that jar for a whole month and remove the container's lid for 30 minutes every day. It will ensure the free flow of fresh air. After one week, you let the buds "burp," follow the same process until they are fully cured.

    How to Store Cannabis

    It is not a difficult task to store the cured cannabis. All you have to do is put them in an airtight container in a cool and dark place. When you store your cannabis in such containers, it ensures that the cannabis is not exposed to external factors such as moisture, humidity, or temperature.

    It would be better to store them in the back of the closet or cabinets or even in basements. These places will keep the cannabis preserved.

  • Do not keep your weed stored in a container for over a year.
  • Marijuana Flower vs. Other Cannabis Flowers
  • All of these flowers are from the same parent flower – cannabis. But the differences between the two are pretty apparent. Their variations are quite different from one another.
  • When put against the concentrates, it is clear that smoking cannabis is relatively more versatile and less potent. Although it has less potency and the concentration of THC is very high, you have to vaporize it at a very high temperature to enjoy some concentrates.
  • You add some wax shards to the bowl, but the efficiency of dabbing remains unmatched. But you can enjoy the flower in various methods as it will not hit you as hard as a dab would.
  • When compared to traditional flowers, you can notice the apparent differences with edibles. As you smoke the flowers, you can feel the effects immediately because you are directly absorbing the cannabinoids in your body. However, you have to have patience when trying edibles, as the effect starts to show after it is fully digested.
  • The THC in the flowers has to reach the liver, where it can show its effects. The effects of the flower are known to be better in terms of potency and duration. Therefore, you must keep its long-lasting effects in mind before you try smoking with a flower.
  • Another product that has gained popularity is CBD and THC oils. With the help of the oils, you can extract the phytocannabinoids from the cannabis flower. This destroys the whole plant material, and all there's left is a rich, thick oil. To consume these oils, you can simply put them under your tongue or mix them in their edibles or drinks. It is probably the best option for people who have issues with smoking.

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