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  1. But dry but lol brownies be dry eh? Well Ussually anyways – and no visuals on this one but was also on mdma but very much so altered my perception and I could almost like see sounds? Sorta deal but not quite was flown and just legit kewl I’d buy again and I recomend !!!

  2. M’y favorite by far yo delicious and when take with a toke of Dmt 🤤 seen diamonds in the sky falling was insane

  3. Can’t wait to buy more!! HIGH-ly recomend!!!!!!!

  4. They work – taste is aweful lol but as all beginner gummies are!! It’ll improve I hope but I’d like to try the grape (as for taste it’s a combination of too lemony & medicine? Lol obvi ) but they’re hella good i would buy again!!

  5. This is amazing stuff !!!! Now waiting for the 5meo I ordered by this same brand CANT wait! I highly recomend this nn-Dmt ! King shit!