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What is shatter? Discover a distinct form of marijuana concentrate

Shatter is more than just another form of concentrates; it's a marijuana concentrate that takes the cannabis culture by storm. Produced through a butane extraction process that removes the cannabis plant matter, this form of concentrate boasts THC content levels as high as 90%. It's no surprise that the difference between shatter and other forms of cannabis is vast. 

With its glassy appearance, shatter is a concentrate that stands out, and its production process ensures a high concentration of cannabinoids. At Canada Mushrooms, we're a Canadian cannabis maker offering you the chance to buy quality shatter online at the most affordable prices in the cannabis market.

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The wide range of benefits and effects of shatter

When it comes to the benefits of cannabis, shatter certainly takes the cake. The effects of shatter can induce varying levels of euphoria, calm, and even substantial pain relief. It interacts directly with your cannabinoid receptors, providing a significantly potent experience. Whether you're a fan of the active cannabinoids or seeking substantial amounts of cannabinoids for medicinal benefits, shatter offers a wide range of advantages. Examples of shatter experiences include both recreational and medicinal benefits, from stress relief to combating loss of appetite.

Medical benefits: shatter as a therapeutic cannabis concentrate

When it comes to medical benefits, shatter's rich content of active and desirable cannabinoids serves as a potent solution for various health conditions. From chronic to neuropathic pain, and even to certain psychotic disorders, the residual solvent in the production is well worth the final product. Butane extracts are usually fully removed in the butane removal step, resulting in pure, concentrated marijuana products highly suitable for medical applications.

Deep dive: shatter vs. cannabis flower buds

When comparing cannabis flower buds and shatter, one can quickly notice the difference in THC content and the overall concentration of cannabinoids. While flower buds from the cannabis plant can offer a spectrum of effects, they pale in comparison to the potency that shatter provides. Produced through a complex butane extraction process, shatter retains the most desirable cannabinoids and terpenes while eliminating unnecessary plant material.

Buy shatter online: Shatter and other cannabis concentrates in the Canadian market

While shatter might be one of the popular types of cannabis extracts, the market is filled with various consistencies of cannabis extracts, each with its unique production process and benefits. Shatter has a more brittle form compared to budder or wax, making it a tad challenging to handle but far more rewarding in terms of potency and experience.

A comprehensive look at smoking shatter

  • Dabbing with glass equipment: By using glass dab rigs, you can heat the shatter to extreme temperatures using butane-powered mini blow torches. It remains one of the most popular ways to consume shatter, appealing to both new and experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

  • Vaping in different forms: Another way to consume shatter is through a vape pen, which offers you the flexibility to control the amount of vapor and, consequently, the effects. It’s a modern method that is gaining traction in cannabis culture.

  • Joints and traditional methods: Traditional cannabis users often prefer the tactile experience of adding their individual product of shatter into a joint filled with cannabis or tobacco, offering a unique flavor and experience.

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At Canada Mushrooms, our diverse selection caters to a wide range of preferences and needs. Whether you're in search of potent cannabis concentrates like shatter or curious about mind-altering experiences, we've got something for everyone.

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  • LSD microdose: For those seeking a subtler change, our LSD microdoses offer carefully calibrated amounts designed to provide optimal wellness without an intense trip.

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What Is Shatter?

If you’re a marijuana maniac, you’re probably already aware of shatter. Even with various types of marijuana out there, shatter still takes the cake – owing to its high potency. On average, shatter’s potency levels are as high as 90% THC. That’s right!

It has a glass-like amber appearance with a hard and brittle texture, leading to another reference as shatter weed. You find various forms of cheap shatter in Canada. And if you may, you can also order shatter online, Canada! And why wouldn’t you? After all, shatter can keep you from shattering in your darkest times. For this reason and more, shatter has gained the status of being the most popular weed concentrates in Canada. Canada Mushrooms offers you to buy shatter online as you would find a range of cheap shatter in our collection.

Want to know more about shatter, its benefits, and our products? Keep reading!

Shatter Positive Effects

The effects of shatter depend upon the intensity and quantity of its usage. If you choose to shatter the indica dominant cannabis strain, your body will experience couch-lock sensations. But a sativa strain would bring you a more cerebral buzz.

However, given the high potency of shatter, you will go through a more intense shatter smoking experience. With such heavy strain options, experienced cannabis users may find this to be a transformative experience.

Most commonly, shatter releases strong doses of calm and euphoria. However, the effects may differ from person to person. Others may feel bliss from head to toe with a strong relaxation sensation.

Shatter Medical Benefits

Given the potency of this cannabis concentrate, shatter is often preferred for medicinal purposes, especially to cure chronic pains and aches. With strong doses of THC concentrates, shatter can be very useful for pain or stress relief.

The anti-inflammatory properties of shatter help you get rid of pain naturally. Other than these benefits, it also promotes appetite, reduces tension, and uplifts your mood.

Shatter Vs. Marijuana Flowers

Shatter cannabis is a concentrated form of buds. It requires breaking down the flower while leaving behind the residual oil, terpenes, and cannabinoids. The process then requires to set the oil, dry, and cure it to produce the fragile, glass-like texture of shatter. Shatter cannabis, and the cannabis flower look not much different. However, shatter is much more potent than cannabis flower.

Cannabis flower contains 15% to 25% THC levels, and shatter contains potentially as high as 90%. There is no doubt that cannabis flowers can be grounded, manipulated, and easily handled while shatter cannot. Shatter will break easily since it is incredibly fragile.

That is why many don't prefer to buy CBD shatter Canada. It may be difficult to smoke but can be packed more than a punch. In other words, shatter is not for the faint-hearted.

So, if you get shatter for sale in Canada, where you can avail great shatter deals, go for it if you are a pro-cannabis user. Shatter prices Canada here in our collection are very reasonable!

Shatter Vs. Cannabis Concentrates

Shatter belongs to the concentrates family of weed wax. It is popularly known as one of the most potent tetrahydrocannabinols in the market. However, it is also not easily found in the market. So, if you hear of shatter wax for sale, you can buy shatter online Canada cheap at the prices.

However, you should know that shatter has a more fragile composition than other weed concentrates, making it difficult to handle.

Comparatively, budder wax has more viscous properties that make it stretchy and easy to handle while dabbing. However, shatter still tops the list. Why though? It is because of the pure, intense, and unrefined structure with high THC levels. Only experienced cannabis users can handle this high!

Shatter Vs. Weed Edibles

Comparatively, shatter cannabis edibles have a different effect than marijuana products. When infused with THC, it releases different effects in the body and typically results in a high, longer, and heavier body.

How to Make Shatter?

Butane helps extract shatter THC from the weed beds. That is why it is highly recommended not to try this procedure at home as it can be dangerous, even if you may know what you're up to.

How to Take Shatter?

You can take shatter cannabis in various ways, such as follows:

Dabbing is more like vaping, only more powerful. You require a dab rig, but the shatter in, and heat it to extreme temperatures using a mini blow torch. It is the most popular way of shatter intake to date.


For vaping, you require a dry herb vaporizer and a vape pen. The vape pen generates enough heat for the shatter. You can then mix the shatter with terpenes and add it to a vape cart.

Smoking in a Bong or Pipe

Smoking using a pipe or a bong is relatively harder to heat the shatter at precise temperature levels. You can instead heat the shatter before adding it to the bong or pipe.

Adding it into a Joint

Many users prefer consuming shatter by mixing it with tobacco or marijuana. This combination burns easily.

Shatter Side Effects

If you are to buy shatter, Canadian citizens should know that it is not for newcomers in the field. It is so because of the high THC levels of 90%. Even if you consume it in smaller dosages, the potent concentrate is prone to cause certain damage.

Some common side effects of using shatter include anxiety, nausea, paranoia, and dizziness. However, red or dry eyes and dry mouth along with a high impairment level are also possible. So, before you buy shatter online, be mentally prepared for all types of effects!

Where to Buy Shatter?

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