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List of neighborhoods in Halifax

  • Armdale
  • Beechville
  • Beechwood Park
  • Boulderwood
  • Clayton Park
  • Cowie Hill
  • Downtown Halifax
  • Fairmount
  • Fairview
  • The Hydrostone
  • Jollimore
  • Lakeside
  • Melville Cove
  • North End, Halifax
  • Quinpool district
  • Richmond
  • Rockingham
  • South End, Halifax
  • Spring Garden
  • Spryfield
  • Timberlea
  • West End, Halifax
  • Albro Lake
  • Brightwood
  • Burnside
  • Cole Harbour
  • Crichton Park
  • Crystal Heights
  • Downtown Dartmouth
  • Eastern Passage
  • Highfield Park
  • Imperoyal
  • Manor Park
  • Nantucket
  • Portland Estates
  • Portland Hills
  • Portobello
  • Port Wallace
  • Shannon Park
  • Shearwater
  • Tuft’s Cove
  • Wallace Heights
  • Waverley
  • Westphal
  • Woodlawn
  • Woodside
  • Bedford
  • Beaver Bank
  • Birch Cove
  • Fall River
  • Glen Moir
  • Hammonds Plains
  • Lakeview
  • Lower Sackville
  • Middle Sackville
  • Princes Lodge
  • Upper Sackville
  • Wellington
  • Windsor Junction

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Paint Splatter Jim

Purple haze all in my brain, lately things don’t seem the same. Actin’ funny but i don’t know why. ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky.

– Jimi Hendrix

Magic Mushroom Information

Shroom Dosage Chart

*The magic mushroom dosage chart below is for dried shroom products.

Level Dose (Grams) Effects For Who
Microdose 0.2 to 0.5 No visible changes, no loss of control Microdosers or new experimental users
Low 0.5 to 1 Light euphoria, minor distortions Beginner users
Medium 1 to 2 Increased euphoria, deep introspection, heightened mood Intermediate users
High 2 to 3 Heavy introspection, open-mindedness, heavy hallucinations Heavy users
Extreme 3 to 4 Intense psychedelic experience Extreme Shroomies

Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Psychological Effects
Physical Effects
Distortion of reality Enhanced senses
Alteration of time Euphoria
Mood enhancement Muscle relaxation
Mindfulness / Open-mindedness Improved neural connections
Enhanced creativity Increased energy
Increased focus Numbness

What is Psilocybin?

When you ingest psychedelic mushrooms, the psilocybin interacts with the part of the brain that regulates abstract thinking, thought analysis, mood, and perception. This results in the hallucinogenic effects and distortions of time and reality common to shroom use. Magic mushrooms have become a popular medicine and continue to make a name for itself. This is in large part because of the wide range of therapeutic effects that shrooms provide users.

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms, belong to a group of polyphyletic fungi that humans use for its medicinal properties. When used correctly, magic mushrooms can help people deal with a range of physical and psychological conditions.The main ingredient in magic mushrooms is known as psilocybin. It is this compound that is responsible for the psychedelic effects normally associated with shrooms.

Medical Uses of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Here are some of the most common medical conditions that are treated using magic mushrooms:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction Cessation
  • Cancer-Related Psychological Conditions
  • Stress
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Cluster Headaches

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