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Weed Budder | Marijuana Wax

What Is Budder?

Budder, also known as badder or batter, is a type of cannabis concentrate that belongs to weed wax. Therefore, it can also be known as budder wax or weed budder. It has a creamy texture like any wax.

Weed budder is natural in itself and can be retained easily. Also, budder wax is easy to use with its natural flavours.

You can use budder weed in many ways. Some prefer consuming it through dabbing that requires you to inhale only a small portion of budder wax with a special vaporizer or rig.

At Canada Mushrooms, we offer high-quality budder weed. Check out our amazing collection of budder. Or, if you want some additional information on budder wax, read on throughout the page.

Budder Positive Effects

Budder is a potent cannabis form with 70% of concentrated THC on average, promoting uplifted mood, happiness, euphoria, and relaxation among users. Although it may be less in THC concentration as compared to shatter.

The terpene profile of budder promotes stronger and more encompassing high. The effects of budder wax act more synergistically with cannabis’ properties and are relatively more powerful. It is known as the entourage effect found in budder with high terpene and cannabinoids.

Most cannabis users have opted to convert to budder weed owing to its tasty and aromatic profile. If you prefer a pungent dab, budder makes a great fit for your taste buds!

Budder Medical Benefits

The medicinal benefits for every user would differ accordingly. However, most medical marijuana patients prefer budder to treat health conditions like arthritis or chronic pain.

With the combination of the high THC levels and the impressive terpenes found in budder weed, its high is excellent, especially for those who prefer going extra. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis reduce the tension around muscles and reduce pain in any part of the body.

However, cannabis users also prefer budder wax to deal with insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression. Weed budder releases calming effects that help reduce stress and anxiety and boosts your mood.

As such, you experience mental clarity and feel motivated easily, and sleepiness occurs effortlessly. More so, if you choose to consume budder, that is indica-dominant.

Budder Vs. Marijuana

Budder is relatively more potent than cannabis flowers, with the former containing 70% THC levels and the latter with 20% THC levels. Cannabis flowers contain 20% THC on average, which can go up to 30% belonging to the luxury category.

When you compare marijuana flowers to budder, the latter wins the debate with high potency levels. Budder is one of the easiest cannabis concentrates but smoking marijuana flowers is much better than dabbing.

However, it is not as effective as dabbing. Although dabbing requires more effort, you get the full cannabinoid content. But smoking flowers gives you only a small percentage of their cannabinoid content.

Additionally, budder wax is one of the most pungent concentrates, while cannabis flower remains stinkier. They smell like terpenes more often. But high-quality budder also releases good tastes and scents.

Budder Vs. Crumble

While budder is moist, crumble wax is dry and, as the name suggests. But both share similar potency and aromatic properties. Typically, budder is easier than crumble in terms of handling. It is better collected and stays accumulated on the dab tool.

Budder Vs. Shatter

Shatter is another version of weed wax and is clearer and harder. It goes through a highly comprehensive method of extraction and has high THC concentration levels. However, it has fewer terpenes and flavours than budder.

How to Make Weed Budder?

An extraction process that combined cannabis with solvents and eradicated the THC content via extreme heat and air pressure to separate the solvent produces budder. The cannabis concentrate is whipped to form a batter with fluffier consistency during the purging or eradication process.

It is highly recommended not to try making this at home and leave it to the professionals as the process can be potentially dangerous.

How to Take Marijuana Budder?

Most cannabis users prefer taking budder by vaporizing or dabbing as these methods highlight the natural flavours of budder wax. But you can also smoke it by rolling it into a joint or through a bong or bubbler.

How to Store Budder?

Budder can last more than a year if stored appropriately. It is best to keep budder in an air-tight glass container and store it in a cool, dark location out of kids’ reach.

Budder Side Effects

We highly recommend you to use budder moderately due to the high THC concentration levels. You should start slow and move your way up slowly. Headaches. Dizziness, paranoia, and a heavy couchlock body buzz are common side effects alongside mouth dryness or red eyes.

Why Buy Cannabis Budder at Canada Mushrooms?

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Buy Budder Concentrate Online
Various methods exist for concentrating cannabis, each with its own merits and high THC content. Among these, budder is a prevalent choice—a type of concentrate typically extracted using CO2. This extraction method results in a smooth, whipped texture and a butter-like yellow hue, giving it its name.

A significant benefit of this cannabis concentrate lies in its abundant terpene content. For those unfamiliar, terpenes are the chemical compounds responsible for the distinct aroma and flavor of cannabis. While many cannabis enthusiasts appreciate the delightful scent and rich taste profile of their concentrates, the primary focus is often on THC content. Budder delivers this in abundance, being regarded as one of the most potent and purest concentrates available.

For optimal use, budder can be consumed in a dab rig, vaporizer, water pipe, or by mixing it with flower and rolling it into a joint.