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Crumble concentrate is one of the most powerful and driest forms of cannabis concentrate available. It typically has a powdery texture that crumbles easily when touched, giving it its name. Produced similarly to shatter, crumble is made using a more gradual process in a vacuum oven, resulting in its dry and powdery consistency. Although it might not seem attractive, the dryness helps prevent contamination since mold is less likely to thrive in this type of concentrate.

About Crumble Concentrate

Crumble often comes in varying shades of yellow, turning to amber as it ages. Its THC content can reach nearly 90%, making it incredibly potent. It is advisable to have some experience with cannabis concentrates before trying this powerful product.

Crumble is a dry cannabis concentrate characterized by its powdery, easily crumbled texture. It is created through a chemical extraction process similar to shatter, using solvents such as butane, propane, or CO2. However, CO2 extraction typically produces a more sap-like concentrate. Crumble can have THC potency levels close to 90% and varies in color from light to deep yellow.

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We provide several highly potent crumble options derived from both sativa and indica-dominant strains. You can buy crumble online at Canada Mushrooms.