How to Ingest Shrooms: A Guide for Beginners

How to ingest shrooms

Understanding how to safely and effectively ingest magic mushrooms is crucial for anyone considering their use. In this article, we will explore various aspects of psilocybin mushroom consumption, including potential effects, safety considerations, and best practices.

What Magic Mushrooms Should I Try as a Beginner?

If you’re new to the world of magic mushrooms, choosing the right strain for your first experience is crucial. At Canada Mushrooms, we offer a wide selection of high-quality psilocybin mushrooms, carefully cultivated by certified mycologists. Here are some beginner-friendly strains for you to consider:

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

Golden Teacher is one of the most popular strains for beginners due to its moderate potency and reliable effects. Named for its golden caps and teaching qualities, this strain is known for producing a sense of enlightenment, deep introspection, and spiritual experiences. Golden Teachers are often recommended for those new to magic mushrooms because they provide a balanced and manageable experience.

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

B+ Magic Mushrooms

The B+ strain is another excellent choice for beginners. Known for its large, well-formed fruiting bodies and consistent potency, B+ mushrooms provide a positive, uplifting experience. Users often report feeling a sense of well-being, mild visual hallucinations, and a strong connection to their surroundings. This strain is less likely to cause overwhelming effects, making it a great entry point into the world of psychedelics.

B+ Magic Mushrooms

Blue Meanie Mushrooms

For those looking for a slightly stronger experience, Blue Meanie mushrooms might be a good option. Despite their intimidating name, these mushrooms offer a euphoric and visually stimulating trip that many find enjoyable. While they are more potent than Golden Teachers or B+, they are still considered manageable for beginners when taken in smaller doses.

Blue Meanie Mushrooms

Alacabenzi Magic Mushrooms

Alacabenzi mushrooms are known for their consistency and reliability. This strain tends to produce effects similar to those of Golden Teachers, such as feelings of relaxation, mild visual distortions, and a sense of peace. They are a solid choice for those who are new to psilocybin and want a gentle introduction to its effects.

Alacabenzi Magic Mushrooms

How to Ingest Magic Mushrooms: A Beginner’s Guide

Magic mushrooms offer a unique and often profound psychedelic experience. Whether you’re seeking a spiritual journey, treatment for depression, or simply curious about the hallucinogenic effects, it’s essential to understand how to ingest these powerful substances safely and effectively.

Raw Mushroom Consumption

For many beginners, consuming raw magic mushrooms is the most straightforward method. Let’s go through the basics of raw mushroom consumption:

  1. Preparation: Ensure you have a safe, comfortable environment, free from potential disturbances. This setting is crucial for minimizing anxiety and the risk of a bad trip.
  2. Dosage: Start with a low dose, typically 1-2 grams of dried mushrooms. This allows you to gauge your sensitivity to psilocybin and reduces the risk of overwhelming psychological effects.
  3. Consumption: Chew the mushrooms thoroughly to help release the psychoactive compounds and aid digestion. The taste can be earthy and somewhat unpleasant, so have a chaser like fruit juice or a snack ready.
  4. Onset and Effects: Expect the effects to begin within 20-40 minutes, peaking around 1-2 hours. Effects can include visual and auditory hallucinations, a distorted sense of time, and profound changes in perception and mood.

How to Eat Magic Mushrooms | A Step-By-Step Guide

Alternative Methods of Consumption

Hallucinogenic mushrooms do not necessarily have to be consumed raw. There are many psychedelic mushroom consumption methods and preferences vary from person to person. Let’s take a look at some popular alternatives:


Microdosing involves taking very small amounts of psilocybin mushrooms, usually about 0.1-0.3 grams, to achieve sub-perceptual effects. This method is popular for enhancing creativity, focus, and mood without experiencing full psychedelic effects.

  • Schedule: Typically, microdoses are taken every three days or following a specific schedule to prevent tolerance buildup.
  • Benefits: Users report improved mental clarity, reduced anxiety, and increased well-being.

Psilocybin Microdose


Magic mushroom edibles are a tasty and convenient way to consume psilocybin.

  • Dosage Control: Edibles often come in pre-measured doses, making it easier to control intake. They can be easier on the stomach, reducing the risk of nausea.
  • Onset and Duration: Effects may take longer to set in (30-60 minutes) compared to raw mushrooms, but they can last longer (4-6 hours).

Magic Mushroom Edibles


Brewing mushrooms into tea is a popular alternative that can reduce the gastrointestinal discomfort often associated with raw consumption.

  • Preparation: Crush the dried mushrooms and steep them in hot (not boiling) water for 15-20 minutes. You can add ginger or honey to improve the taste.
  • Onset: Effects are usually felt within 20-30 minutes, with a duration similar to raw consumption. Many users find the onset smoother and the overall experience gentler on the stomach.

Shroom Tea


Psilocybin distillates offer a highly concentrated form of the compound, often used in clinical settings for precise dosing.

  • Usage: Distillates can be consumed directly or added to beverages.
  • Benefits: Allows for accurate dosing and quick onset of effects.
  • Caution: Due to their potency, distillates are recommended for experienced users or under professional supervision.

Psilocybin Distillate

Avoiding a Bad Experience: How to Cosume Mushrooms Responsibly

As with any psychedelic drug, responsible consumption of psilocybin mushrooms is paramount to ensure a safe and beneficial experience. Let’s explore the key principles of responsible use:

Safe Environment

Creating a safe and familiar environment is critical for a positive experience. Here’s how:

  • Setting: Choose a relaxed, comfortable, and familiar setting to minimize anxiety and enhance the overall experience.
  • Company: Consider having a trip sitter, a sober person who can provide support and reassurance if needed.

Psychological Preparedness

  • Mindset: Approach the experience with a positive mindset and clear intentions. Psychedelic experiences can be intense, and a calm, focused mind can help navigate the journey.
  • Education: Educate yourself about the potential effects of psilocybin mushrooms, including visual and auditory hallucinations, changes in perception of time and reality, and mystical experiences.

Dosage and Preparation

Understanding and controlling the dose of mushrooms is essential:

  • Start Low: Begin with a small dose, especially if you are inexperienced. A common starting dose is 1-2 grams of dried mushrooms.
  • Accurate Measurement: Use a scale to measure the dose accurately. A coffee grinder can be used to powder the mushrooms for precise dosing.

Health and Safety Considerations

  • Medical Conditions: Individuals with mental health conditions or taking prescription medications should consult a healthcare provider before using psilocybin mushrooms.
  • Physical Effects: Be aware of potential physical effects like increased heart rate, changes in blood pressure, dilated pupils, muscle weakness, and body temperature fluctuations.
  • Drug Interactions: Avoid combining magic mushrooms with other substances, including prescription drugs and alcohol, to prevent dangerous interactions.

Magic Mushroom Dosage: How Much Shrooms Should a Beginner Take?

Potential Risks and How to Mitigate Them

Negative Experiences

  • Bad Trips: Symptoms of a bad trip can include frightening or disturbing hallucinations, paranoia, and a distorted sense of reality. These can be mitigated by staying calm, using deep breathing techniques, and having a trusted person nearby.
  • Physical Symptoms: Monitor for signs of muscle weakness, lack of coordination, and significant changes in heart rate or body temperature. Seek medical help if these symptoms become severe.

Long-term Effects and Potential for Abuse

  • Drug Tolerance: Regular use can lead to tolerance, reducing the effectiveness of the mushrooms. It’s advisable to space out trips to maintain sensitivity and minimize the potential for abuse.
  • Substance Use Disorder: While not as common as with other illicit drugs, there is still a risk of developing a substance use disorder. Use psychedelics with caution and mindfulness.

Mindful Consumption: How to Take Magic Mushrooms Responsibly

Integration and Support

Post-Trip Integration

  • Reflect: Take time to reflect on your experience, ideally in a relaxed environment. Journaling or discussing your journey with a trusted friend or therapist can help integrate the insights gained.
  • Combination with Psychotherapy: For those using psilocybin mushrooms to treat mental health conditions, combining the experience with psychotherapy can enhance the therapeutic benefits.

Consuming magic mushrooms responsibly involves careful preparation, understanding potential risks, and creating a safe environment. By approaching these substances with respect and caution, you can maximize the benefits while minimizing the negative consequences. Whether you’re seeking mystical experiences or exploring treatment for depression, responsible use is key to a positive and transformative journey.

Magic Mushroom FAQ | Navigate the World of Psilocybin Mushrooms with Confidence

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