Different Types of Magic Mushrooms

Many people believe that all magic mushrooms are the same, but this is far from true. There are numerous types of magic mushrooms, each with their own unique properties. Let’s take a closer look at the most common ones.

Cambodian Mushrooms

Cambodian mushrooms are known to be one of the most potent strains and can cause intense visual distortions. They are popular in shroom shops and are relatively easy to grow, making them a great choice for those new to mushroom cultivation.

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher mushrooms were once the king of the psychedelic world due to their high yield and profound effects on the mind. They are said to bring about insightful and life-changing thought processes. These mushrooms are easily recognizable by their reddish color, although the original strain is now difficult to find.

Thai Mushrooms

Thai mushrooms are known for their intense and creative effects on the mind. They can lead to visual hallucinations and are incredibly productive, making them an ideal choice for beginners. However, their potency is also quite strong, so caution is advised when using them.

Mexican Mushrooms

Mexican mushrooms are often chosen by beginners due to their milder psychedelic effects. They are relatively easy to grow and provide an excellent entry point into the world of magic mushrooms. However, the trip can become more intense depending on the dose.

While there are numerous other types of magic mushrooms, these are the most common ones that beginners are likely to encounter.


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