The Narratives Behind The World’s Most Tripping Shroom—Penis Envy

The Narratives Behind The Worlds Most Tripping Shroom—Penis Envy


First seen by Terrence McKenna in the Amazon, Penis envy magic mushrooms are the strongest in the Psilocybe cubensis family. They are quite an exciting breed having a beautiful history involving many high-profile names, genetic mutations, prescription drug dealing, robbery, and even murder. Though due to the illegality of mushrooms, no precise test results exist to check the extent of their strength.

Some believe the experience with this strain is comparable in strength to that of DMT or LSD. Scientists ascribe its effects to be caused by the presence of concentrated psychotropic alkaloids. It has a high psilocybin/psilocin metabolism rate when ingested. Interestingly, people rarely cultivate it despite its great potency, making this strain very rare and most desirable.

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Penis Envy Mushroom History

McKenna found a massive group of mushrooms growing in the deep Amazon (assisted by indigenous guides) in the early 1970s. At the time, Magic mushrooms were already declared illegal in many countries by the UN Psychotropic Substances Act of 1971, except that they did not ban mushroom spores because of the absence of psilocybin or psilocin at that stage of development. McKenna took the spores from the culture and smuggled them into the USA hitch-free.

He immediately began cultivating mushrooms from the identical smuggled prints as he likewise engaged in it. Terence learned how to grow mushrooms in the Amazon also developed new ways, as documented in his classic book, Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom growers guide. It is still prevalent today among psychedelic amateurs and enthusiasts. He further sent several specimens of the strain to some ethno-mycologists who were colleagues—Steven Pollock.

Pollock had declared the Penis Envy was the most potent medicine for treating some psychological conditions. He was also first to write about the Psilocybe tampanensis with several other species with dry weight concentrations ranging from 0.6 to 0.8 percent like Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. The Psilocybe cubensis and Penis envy cubensis are cultivated by mycologists throughout the world. As impressive as he was, Pollock was soon forgotten by people after his 1981 murder. Still, he made a mark—his discoveries have left him a legacy in psychedelic cultivation and use. The Penis envy mushroom strain was birthed via several genetic mutations of the psilocybe family in agar culture.

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Something about Pollock’s Murder

The story becomes interesting here- the part that involves the murder and conspiracy narratives begins. Pollock was a medical doctor passionate about breaking the frontiers in helping humans understand psychoactive mushrooms. He wanted and was determined to build the first legal laboratory facility for mushroom cultivation which would cost $2,000,000. He was willing to use any means to actualize his goal of creating what he termed as the “superlab.”

The year 1979 birthed the partnership between Pollock and Michael Forbes. They founded Hidden Creek, a company involved in the sales of mushroom growing kits and P. tampanensis sclerotia, also known as magic truffles. They had a competitive advantage in providing live mushroom cultures and not just spore prints, thereby giving them a product differentiation. They were not the first to start selling psychoactive substances.

Pollock, in his desperation, started engaging in several illegal activities like cultivating cannabis in over one-acre farmland performing illicit surgeries on gunshot victims who couldn’t go to the significant hospitals because of the cops and others. He tried to augment funds as it was not fast-coming as expected to fast-track the construction of his laboratory facility.

Pollock worked daily from sunrise to sunset, earning about $10,000 continuing his daily illegal activities. Interestingly, reports showed that these activities were soon to be his doing—including his customers and that of Hidden creek would in the future bring about his overturning. In 1981, he was already on the surveillance of the DEA concerning his cannabis plantation. Several law enforcement agencies investigating the brains behind Hidden Creek and the state pharmacy board were studying him. Pollock entered into the mess when he had a deluge of patients lined up before his home from which he operated his medical services.

Before the sitting of the pharmacy board elapsed, Pollock had been found dead at 11:00 pm on the 31st of January 1981. People believe that he was murdered as pieces of evidence met in his house were a scattered room, disorderly home office arrangements, ruffled beds, and other inappropriate forms of destruction. His clothing was red with blood, and he was shot at a point-blank range in the head. His girlfriend, Mitzi, attested that these pieces of evidence were unusual of Pollock.

As though the police were happy about his death, every report regarding it and investigating the perpetrators proved abortive. The DA did not attempt to persecute the suspects.

These birthed conspiracies as there were pieces of evidence of gun bullets on the wall of his home and estranged calls to his phone. Also, specific calls were made to a local morgue asking if a doctor had been brought in even before police issued any report. The conspiracy is now whether the police killed him or his friend, Forbes. Pollock was already running the business, so he provided investigative evidence for law enforcement agencies regarding their business.

Penis Envy Mushrooms Effects and Characteristics

The shroom has a thick white stem with an underdeveloped concave bulbous cap. There is no separation between the cap and the stem. That area retains the appearance of a foreskin below the cap. They are dense and short in height than other strains.

Many may attempt to know why it is referred to as “penis envy .”Funnily, it has nothing to do with Pollock’s penile endowment—it is simply fresh and looks like a penis, a large one even begetting it the “envy .” It is white and has a premature bulb-like cap differentiated from other Psilocybe cubensis varieties; it lacks a veil separating the lid and the stem. They are the densest variety in the magic mushroom family—though short in height, large, and thick, it is known to have a significant weight due to their specific density.

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Penis Envy Shrooms Variations and Hybrids

The inoculation of grain or agar with two or more different mushroom cultures is required to create a magical mushroom strain hybrid. The new strain will undoubtedly bear a close resemblance with the parent cultures, while the more robust culture is the most dominant. They can then be propagated through several means, thus appropriating them to show the “new” characteristics continually.

The 1970s witnessed the advent of several genetic vendors performing culture crossing and isolation on the Penis Envy strain. These gave birth to sub-species such as Abino penis envy from crossing Albino PF and Penis Envy, Penis #6, a mutation. Others include Texas Penis envy (Texas orange caps and Penis envy acculturation); penis envy uncut, which is also a mutation; and Trans Envy, a breed from the crossing of Transkei and Penis Envy. These mutations have their respective physical attributes, and the potency is higher (in Penis envy varieties) than in the Psilocybe cubensis varieties.

Penis Envy Cultivation

Their demerit and probably the only existing is the lack of velum to keep in spores until the mushroom is fully mature. In turn, it makes it exceptionally difficult to cultivate as cultivators will need several penis envy strains to be able to harvest the required. Interestingly, they are less resistant to contamination because researchers artificially selected the genetic line.

It takes the penis envy 25% longer periods to colonize as its pin rate is at 0.5 times that of Psilocybe cubensis varieties. Its incubation is quite technical for even the experienced. However, suppose the spores are purchased from a respected seller. In that case, you can grow the mushroom as the genetic analysis only affects the pin rate and growth style, not necessarily its ability to grow.

The Penis envy is interestingly the most fascinating of the psilocybe cubensis varieties. Its appearance is distinct and tedious to cultivate with an unmatched potency compared to other psilocybe cubensis varieties. Because of its rarity, this strain (PE) is priced much higher than the different varieties; the price of regular cubensis mushrooms is within $4-7 per gram, while the Penis envy costs more than $12/gram.

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To engage in any penis envy psychedelic cultivation or consumption, be cautious of the need for a sound mind and safe environment in any psychedelic experience and get ready to see why the Penis envy is ascribed the best position among others. Interestingly, there are other benefits that the penis envy delivers to its users which also include certain medical benefits.

It is a breed with an interesting history with yet an amazing after effect, medical touches and several other psychological treatment case uses. Psychonauts as well as newbies never go wrong on the Penis envy strain. The feeling and the experiences are ecstatic.

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