How Long Before The Shrooms Kick In?



The short answer to this question is that there is no standard scale to show how long it would take for your magic mushrooms to give you the effect you’re looking for. Several factors combine to determine how much time would be taken before a shroom user felt the full psychedelic effect. Usually with dried shrooms, the time taken partly depends on how much you have decided to consume. You could try out just 1 gram of your magic mushrooms and enjoy a soft, mellow trip, or go up to the 5 gram level and experience a sharper, hard-hitting trip. There is also the factor of how tolerant the user is to dried shrooms, and it varies from person to person. You might not even know how tolerant you are till you reach your tolerance limit. But of course, practice makes perfect, and the more often you consume magic shrooms, the more your tolerance increases. Also, the method through which the magic mushrooms were consumed might play a part in how long it takes before the trip starts. Because these factors listed above play a monumental part in how quickly you feel the effect of your psychedelics, as well as how long it lasts, you need to know your level of tolerance and the dosage level of your magic mushrooms. For someone who has just started consuming shrooms, a light dose of psilocybin will usually kick in much quicker than those who have been using shrooms for a long time. Also, those who have been tripping for a while might experience what economics professors term the law of diminishing marginal utility. Basically, the more shrooms take, the less of an effect they have on you and the less enjoyment you derive from it. But don’t take this as a prompt to just multiply the dosage of shrooms you take, because that could end up being pretty harmful.

Magic Mushroom Dosage LevelsMagic Mushroom Dosage Levels

The bigger your shroom dosage, the more psilocybin your stomach needs to convert into psilocin (this is the chemical that gives the tripping effect). Consuming your shrooms on an empty stomach means that this chemical would be developed very quickly, whereas when you have some food in your stomach it would be slower to convert from psilocybin to psilocin. All this still depends on how much your shroom dose is, and that is we have created a list of dosage levels that you can use to mark and align your shroom tolerance to. We have also attached the average time it should take for the shrooms to hit.

  1. Weak – 0.5g to 1g : The range of 0.5g to 1g of dried mushrooms is a pretty light dose and it should not take more than 30 minutes to kick in. It usually hits in less time and it is definitely the best option for people who just want to start consuming magic mushrooms. For repeat users though, this weak dose might give them not much more than subtle hallucinations. Some visual trickery and a bit more intensity in the surrounding colors, but that’s probably as far as it could possibly go.
  2. Medium – 1.1g to 3g : The effects of this medium dose of dried mushrooms should usually not take up to 45 minutes, although you might begin to feel it after just twenty minutes. Once you’ve had the moderate dose of between 1.1g to 3g, then you will know that you’ve moved on from the beginner stage. The visuals begin to get very strong, and you may even undergo an out-of-body experience if your tolerance is low enough. You might begin to hear and see things, and even experience a feeling of unexplainable joy. Before you take this medium dose, you need to ensure you are ready for the move from the light dose. You might experience a bit of paranoia with the escalation in dose, so be sure you know what you are getting yourself into.
  3. Strong – 3.1g and upwards : From 3grams of dried mushrooms up is where we get into the heavy tripping. This trip usually takes about a half-hour before you start seeing the effects. Trying this trip for the first time, you should have a “trip sitter” with you, to ensure you are taken care of if you encounter any problems or setbacks. We only recommend you to try this strong dose when you are thoroughly experienced in the consumption of magic mushrooms. Some of the major effects that you may experience after consuming this strong dose include:
  • Euphoria
  • Ego death
  • Intense visual tricks
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Space and time distortion

Mixing your magic mushroomsIngesting Your Magic Shrooms

The method through which you consume the magic mushrooms plays an integral part in how quickly you begin to feel the effect. Here are the most common ways shrooms are ingested:

  1. Chewing on them: Munching on your shrooms just like you would a bag of chips is the simplest and quickest way that you can consume them. Although, it is also the longest process for tripping because the body has to do more work in trying to break the shrooms down. It might not be the most efficient way if you want the trip to kick in quickly, and it is not the tastiest method either. Although, some people mix their shrooms with chocolate or candy to make them a bit more easily edible.
  2. Brewing it: Another popular method of consuming magic mushrooms is by using them to brew tea. Not only does it get rid of the bad taste, but it also prevents any possible nausea that might be gotten from the shroom consumption. It also speeds up the onset of your trip and makes it more enjoyable.
  3. Adding lemons: Mixing your magic mushrooms with lemon is becoming more and more popular as a method to speed up the mushroom effects. It also makes the trip more intense and adds a bit of tang to the taste.


Now that we have provided you with guidelines as well as dosage levels, it is up to you now to learn your shroom tolerance and align your consumption directly with that. Don’t forget that even if it takes ten minutes or an hour for you to feel the effects, you will eventually feel it and enjoy it. After the trip kicks off, it could go on for up to 3hours before you start descending from the peak of your trip. You may even experience some leftover effects as well as an afterglow depending on several other factors. Now you’ve learned how long it might take for your shrooms to kick in as well as the dosage you should use, all that is left is for you to get your magic mushrooms and enjoy them to the fullest. Luckily for you, we have the plug for the best shroom sellers in the whole of Canada at They provide top-quality magic shrooms and at great prices. If you head over to their site today, you might even enjoy one of their great promos like their 50% off everything discount. Why not head over there and go ham all over your favorite psychedelics.

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