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Magic mushrooms are cultivated or wild mushrooms that contain psychedelic substances. They can be purchased from a variety of online dispensaries, and foragers can hand-pick them at random because they grow naturally. Without a doubt, the best online dispensary for shrooms is Canada Mushrooms. Their price range is well-known.

However, mushrooms can also be purchased from dealers at different prices. Purchasing mushrooms online is still the best option for you. At the very least, you can browse other online dispensaries’ pages to find the best price range. That will give you an idea of the price, and you will be able to order easily from there.

Cost of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can be obtained from a psychedelic dealer or an online dispensary. The online dispensary is still the most reliable source of mushrooms because they buy them from licensed foragers or cultivate them themselves. In addition, they bear the associated risk, as opposed to dealers, who simply sell and leave you to bear the risks. Online distributors, such as Canada Mushrooms, would have sorted the magic mushrooms and weeded out the poisonous ones. They also specified the dosage of each mushroom based on the species and quantity.

Furthermore, the size, type, quality, and quantity of mushrooms all play a role in determining their price. The price of natural mushrooms, which are dried shrooms, differs from the price of branded edibles. Whole dried mushrooms are frequently priced very differently than edibles or microdosing options, so it’s best to know what variety of forms you want before researching prices.

How Much Do Shrooms Cost?

There is no set price for shrooms, so the price varies depending on the terrain. For example, you can buy shrooms of the same quality, quantity, species, and size at different prices depending on where you live and the state of the economy. Also, an increase in demand will cause a price increase, and a decrease in market demand will result in a price decrease.

Shrooms are divided into varieties, their sizes and contents vary, which will undoubtedly affect pricing. Personal research into the various types of shrooms available is required to determine price ranges. Familiarity will inform users or potential buyers about its composition as well as its measurements, which are in ounces and grams.

After taking into account all of the factors influencing the price of shrooms, the following are the average estimates in Canadian dollars:

Cost Per Gram of shrooms: $7-$12

Cost of Canadian dollars Shrooms: $20-40

Cost Per Ounce of shrooms: $200-$350

Please, keep in mind that the prices listed above vary depending on the variety.

Price of Magic Mushrooms

Buying, selling, and using shrooms are all legal in Canada, and they also have the best online shrooms stores where you can get them.

There are various species of shrooms, including poisonous ones, but they are thoroughly sorted before being used to make products. Different species give rise to different product potency. Some are finely blended into edibles, while others are served dry. All of this has an impact on the price.

Canada Mushroom is an online dispensary with a wide range of products. They have 214 cannabis products, 7 vape cartridges, 62 psilocybin microdoses, 213 edibles, 54 CBD, 12 LSD microdoses, and 79 magic mushrooms. This demonstrates that Canada Mushrooms is an online dispensary you will want to visit frequently.

Some of the mushrooms available in Canada, as well as their prices;

Magic Mushrooms:

Big Mexicana Magic Mushrooms$40.00 – $120.00
Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms$30.00 – $1,200.00  
Coasta Rican Magic Mushrooms$40.00 – $150.00  
Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms$40.00 – $160.00
 Florida White Magic Mushroom (Premium) Deadhead Chemist$30.00 – $115.00
Golden Emperor Magic Mushrooms$30.00 – $120.00
Cambodian Magic Mushrooms$30.00 – $120.00
Brazilian Magic Mushrooms Deadhead Chemist$30.00 – $95.00
Jack Frost Magic Mushroom$30.00 – $115.00
McKennaii Magic Mushrooms Deadhead Chemist$40.00 – $200.00
Jedi Mind Fuck Magic Mushrooms (Premium)$40.00 – $1,200.00
 Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms$30.00 – $110.00


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