Ways To Intensify Your Mushroom Trip

Ways To Intensify Your Mushroom Trip

When you want to buy shrooms in Canada, you must remember that taking too much psilocybin content at once can have adverse effects on the human body. To avoid this, you can take magic mushrooms at safe doses first to mitigate the more debilitating effects and still intensify the ultimate experience via a gradual increment in your dosage. This will help the body adapt to the change gradually and with that, there won’t be any severe effect. You can’t get it wrong with a magic mushroom trip but obviously, there are better ways to enjoy it.

The following are various ways you can intensify your mushroom trip:

Add acidic content to your mushroom:
The addition of citrus fruits to your mushroom trip has a direct influence on you. Citrus fruits like lemons contain little acidic content which in turn breaks down psilocybin rapidly into psilocin kickstarting the trip. The psychoactive effects are stronger than the effect of using the mushrooms alone. Hence, the effect is evident because the fruits serve as catalysts. To buy shrooms in Canada, visit Canada mushrooms.

Add acidic content to your mushroom• Experiment with higher doses:
The best way to achieve that fantasy is simply taking slightly higher doses (overdose) of magic mushroom. Overdosing is the process of using above the microdose/ the prescribed dosage. This will spiral into a deep and intense psychedelic effect. When you get used to a certain amount of the shrooms, your body stops reacting to that level of dosage, and thus, it might be time to upgrade your dose.

• Use Mushroom Consciously:
In Mexico, the magic mushrooms are referred to as “holy children”. They strongly believe that shrooms are not just medicinal but a wise instructor as well. It is not viewed as just a substance. The regular consultation of the “holy children” helps to give clarity on matters and also increases the intensity of your mushroom trip.

There are various ways to intensify your mushroom trip. Take the measures above to boost your mushroom experience. Even as you conclude to intensify your mushroom trip, you need to consider the effects. The consideration will open your minds and that will help you to take some precautions as you’ve decided to intensify your shrooms trip. This also means that you need to get as many magic mushrooms as you can get. You can buy shrooms in Canada directly to your doorstep. Want to buy magic mushrooms online, Canada mushrooms’ online store has everything you need. We sell various categories of magic mushroom products such as dried shrooms, shroom teas, shroom capsules (microdoses), and shroom edibles.

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